For the first time ever, it is now easy to talk directly to generations of your family to come. However conventional you may think your life is, members of you family to come will be interested in it and, above all, will want to see and hear you talk about it yourself.
Humans are designed to communicate face-to-face and The Memory Library, thanks to the wonder of streaming video, will provide you with the facility to do just that - and to keep your story safe for decades (at least). Because it's internet based, you can make it available to people anywhere around the world - but, of course, only those who have the password!

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The Memory Library provides you with hundreds of questions about your life, your family, your tastes and your opinions. Select as many as you want to answer and the Autocue will bring these up on your screen to ensure that you move from one subject to another as smoothly as Michael Aspell.

You can also add you own questions, to make sure that you get that stag night story in and , to add a bit more spice and also get the family involved , you can also invite them to submit their questions and add these to your list (or not!).
The Memory Library Autocue works just like the professional ones, but it doesn't tell your story for you. Instead, it asks you questions. This provides the structure for a conversation about your life, whether this is with your laptop or a member of your family. It means that your story is easy to follow and that you will never run out of things to say!

Of course... you chose the questions!
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